Crit'Air stickers: for whom, for what?

Crit'Air stickers: for whom, for what?

From now on, if you see round colored stickers on the windscreens of cars, vans and even trucks, don't be surprised! These are the new Crit'Air anti-pollution stickers. We're here to help you make sense of them. What are they? Who are they for? Are they compulsory throughout France?

What are these anti-pollution stickers?

The French Ministry of the Environment, Energy and the Sea has declared that 60% of the French population breathes polluted air. Faced with this alarming finding, the State has taken measures to guarantee air quality. Since January 16, 2017, Crit'Air stickers have been mandatory in certain areas of France. Six stickers have been determined according to European air pollutant emission standards. The engine and age of the vehicle are also taken into account.

All vehicles are concerned...

This new "air quality certificate" scheme applies to all types of motor vehicle: two-wheelers, three-wheelers, quadricycles, passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, heavy goods vehicles and buses. Agricultural and construction vehicles are excluded.

... if they only circulate in specific areas!

Do you live in Grenoble, Lyon or Paris? If so, you're obliged to have Crit'Air stickers. Paris intra-muros becomes a "restricted traffic zone" and adopts the Crit'Air scheme from Monday January 16, 2017. On a voluntary basis, all users can anticipate and equip themselves with their sticker, as other French metropolises will soon comply with this new decision. Please note: these new rules apply Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm!

What is the purpose of Crit'Air stickers?

These stickers reflect a real desire on the part of the French government to promote less-polluting vehicles. These vehicles will be given preferential parking and/or driving privileges at specific times or in specific zones. This system will now be used in Paris, for example, in the event of pollution peaks, to replace alternating traffic based on the differentiation of odd and even number plates. Traffic may be reduced or even prohibited for vehicles belonging to the most polluting categories. Cars put into service before 1997 have already been banned from the capital.

And now, how to get it?

It's up to you to order your own sticker online. It will be securely printed and delivered to your mailbox a few days later. The sticker is to be affixed to your windscreen (or fork for motorcycles) so as to be easily visible during a law enforcement check. Please note: the sticker costs €4.18.