Vert Chez Vous :

Vert Chez Vous offers green merchandise delivery solutions since 2011.

We have a unique service offering a wide choice of vehicles running solely on electricity and NGV (natural gas for vehicles), the aim being to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases in our urban centers.

Our vehicles (bikes, Berlingos, 12 m³ and 20 m³) and our multimodal river shuttle can cope with all types of needs.






Through a flows management and rationalization strategy, Vert Chez Vous optimizes each delivery round to reduce travel and the equivalent carbon emissions while reducing noise pollution.

Vert Chez Vous offers therefore :

  • Dedicated delivery rounds with tailored solutions
  • To look after your unit and batch packages, or boxes on pallets
  • Delivery with or without appointment to professionals or individuals
  • The receipt, storage, inventory management, order preparation
  • Reverse logistics
  • Information system, real-time traceability

Our vehicles and our warehouses at the cutting edge of technology allow us to bring to cities and citizens the best ecological and economical transport for their goods. Vert Chez Vous is always at the heart of innovation. So in 2012 we launched a new model of boat combined with bicycles to deliver our customers in the center of Paris. Zero noise, zero C02, zero fine particles !